Artistic Assistance


A recent publication by the non-profit organization Americans for the Arts entitled “Arts Education Navigator” documents two truths about arts in education.

The first truth detailed in the publication is about the great benefits that students receive if they have a high level of involvement in the Arts as part of their education.

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The Economics of ECE


In a recent speech made by the head of the United States central banking system, the importance of early childhood education’s effects on the economy came into focus.

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve stated: “The research shows that effective educations lead to lower rates of poverty, higher lifetime earnings, and greater satisfaction on the job and at home. And specialists in economic development have identified educational attainment as a key source of economic growth and rising incomes in many countries around the world.”

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The Sal Khan Experience


Have you ever come across a child saying “Math isn’t fun, I don’t understand this?” Maybe you have uttered some variation of that sentiment about a particular subject in your academic career. A man named Sal Khan is trying to change that.

This month, several FasTracKids employees had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Khan speak at the University of Denver in Colorado, USA. Mr. Khan founded the Khan Academy, which is a non-profit organization aimed at providing access to good online education completely free of charge. He has posted educational videos on a wide-range of subjects, including Algebra, Economics and Advanced Calculus.

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Nancy’s Book Club


When FasTracKids conducts training for new franchisees and reiterates the importance of the programs, we share insights from The Global Achievement Gap book. Author and education expert, Tony Wagner, conducted interviews with business leaders asking them what skills are necessary when hiring young employees today.

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