Dare to be Creative


When asked the question “who was your favorite teacher and why?”, chances are you have someone special in mind who impacted your life beyond the classroom. This person could have challenged you, nurtured you and gave you an outlet for creative expression. Creativity has become an important factor in how a student learns and a teacher communicates to reach their collective goals.

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Amplify Education


Developing children’s communication skills is one of the cornerstones of FasTracKids’ curriculum. The goal is if communication improves in the classroom, then the chance of making children even better students increases. Research shows that the average child misses 25% of what is being said in a normal classroom setting. That number can go as high as 40% in lost communication, depending on the classroom environment.

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Together, We Create!


Sharing, listening, belonging, communicating. These actions and feelings can all be associated with how a child learns an important life skill called socialization. During the critical developmental period of a child’s life, from birth to 8 years old, relationships are created with his or her parents, siblings and friends. These relationships require a bond, whether it’s reading a book, sharing a toy or playing a game. The more social interaction a child can experience, the easier it is for them to achieve shared goals.

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Creativity Takes Courage


It is fascinating to watch a preschooler at play. Their energy, focus and imagination cannot be duplicated in the adult world. A four year old does not understand the courage it takes to create a work of art or produce a sculpture out of playdough; those fears and inhibitions only come with age. Sara Gable, a State Extension Specialist at The University of Missouri writes about the importance of encouraging creativity in children and ideas for promoting creativity in young children.

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