Artistic Assistance


A recent publication by the non-profit organization Americans for the Arts entitled “Arts Education Navigator” documents two truths about arts in education.

The first truth detailed in the publication is about the great benefits that students receive if they have a high level of involvement in the Arts as part of their education.

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Are We Having Fun Yet?


“The highest-level executive thinking, making of connections, and “aha” moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of “exuberant discovery,” where students of all ages retain that kindergarten enthusiasm of embracing each day with the joy of learning.”

- An excerpt from Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning: Insights from a Neurologist and Classroom Teacher by Judy Willis (2006)

Learning should be fun, but traditional education sometimes doesn’t view it that way. Valerie Strauss is the mind behind “The Answer Sheet”, an educational blog in The Washington Post that discussed “Why fun is important in learning”. Judy Willis’ excerpt made an appearance in the blog post, along with other sources that support the idea of making learning an exciting experience helps information processing and long-term memory.

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Baby’s Beats


There has been research done on the benefits of playing classical music for young children, even for children in-utero. This is called the “Mozart effect”. Although some evidence of this effect is controversial, there have been findings in the past year that even further support music for children.

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Spencer Learns Sports

Want to know about the latest FasTracKids programs being offered for children around the globe? Look no further, it’s all right here!

FALL 2010: FasTrack Camps adds the Spencer Learns Sports Program

Parents that want to see their kids participating in fun, interactive educational activities can look forward to FasTrack Camps.  FasTrack Camps are offered as several exciting short programs that vary in length from one day to one week.

Since September 2010, children have enjoyed discovering new sports and exercises with Spencer Bunny.   Spencer’s friends help engage a child’s imagination while teaching both Spencer and the class all about sports played around the world.

Each day of this action packed week features several sports, including:

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