Artistic Assistance


A recent publication by the non-profit organization Americans for the Arts entitled “Arts Education Navigator” documents two truths about arts in education.

The first truth detailed in the publication is about the great benefits that students receive if they have a high level of involvement in the Arts as part of their education.

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Walking for Water


My morning rituals are simple but important to get me and my family ready for the day. I get up, brew a pot of coffee, take a shower, brush my teeth, make oatmeal for the family, feed the dog and leave the house. I perform these feats without ever thinking how different my morning would be if I did not have clean water. I even take it for granted that my pets have clean water.

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Children’s Digital World


PBS recently published an article for parents that encourages the use computers and states some of the benefits that they can bring to young learners. The site encourages children to use technology as a learning tool, especially when it becomes an extension of their creativity and play time.

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Our Global Initiative


At FasTracKids, we have long wanted to foster more collaboration among our centers and schools worldwide. We also have had an ongoing devotion to bringing ecological awareness to children in our programs. In an effort to bring these two desires into alignment, in 2013 we are launching the first annual FasTracKids Global Initiative, with this year’s focus being “Water Wise”.

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